About Junoon

Junoon, an initiative by IISM students,is a one-of-a-kind sports festival aimed at making sports professional at college level. Junoon, as the name suggests, revolves around one word – passion. It is this very passion for sport that drives everyone at Junoon to make the dream of a professionally run sporting league at a collegiate level a reality for all fans and players alike. Junoon is the perfect antidote for those who have sport in their DNA.

The Mission

Junoon aims to create and develop a sporting culture across colleges in Mumbai. We provide a platform for colleges and their athletes to showcase their talent in a professionally run league. We also aim to give our team of budding sports managers vital exposure to the world of management where they can learn to constantly give a gratifying product to every stakeholder that is involved in this event.

The Vision

The team at Junoon endeavours to be a pioneer in developing a culture and revolutionise the way sport is played at a collegiate level. Our objective is to be a standard bearer in organising professionally run events at a collegiate level in Mumbai.


Pro Football League

Pro Football League is Junoon’s professional football league. 12 teams from Mumbai’s best colleges will compete in a league-cum-knockout format to be crowned as the inaugural PFL Champions. Not compromising on professional standards, the teams will compete with 11 players on the field albeit in a shorter time frame. The teams will be divided in four groups of four teams each with the winner of each group progressing to the knockout phase of the tournament.

Split Second

Split Second is Junoon’s media and journalism event. Split Second aims to reach out to those talented individuals who make their cameras and content speak for themselves. The event encourages photographers and videographers to create engaging video content on their college’s sporting culture. The content goes beyond the field right from the culture of the colleges to the team’s most stakeholder – its fans.

12TH Man

12TH Man is Junoon’s USP event. The team at Junoon understands that fans are the most important stakeholders of any sporting event. The event aims to create a dedicated fan base for every team and wants fans to cheer and loyally support their teams from the stands. Junoon encourages fans to be vocal with their chants and expressive with their banners and embark on a journey that marks the beginning of a sporting culture.

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